Faster Strategies! Faster Growth!

A 2-day workshop teaching YOU how to Grow your list the FASTEST and with EASE

You know what they say: The Money is in Your List!

Well, GUESS WHAT? The money’s not just in the list, it’s in your ability to build a rock- solid list of the RIGHT people who’d beg to buy your products and services… Growing your list is the FASTEST way to being Booked SOLID.

Most people fail at this because:

  • they don’t know how and where to start
  • they can’t decide what freebie to create
  • they can’t figure out all the tech
  • they don’t know how to effectively get people on the list

Now, We have those who figure it out BUT THEN

  • they don’t know what to email their list
  • they don’t know how to effectively sell to their list
  • they have a list of people who are not their ideal client
  • So, they’re not consistent and the list goes DRY

Can you relate?

Accelerate Your List WILL put a STOP to that


Here’s what we’ll cover: (Monday 9/4 at 8 pm est.) 

  • The 2 things you need before you can grow a list that CONVERTS
  • Why & How to choose the right lead magnet
  • How to implement 10 set and forget list building strategies
  • How to use your website as a list building machine
  • How to 10x your efforts with 3 simple strategies

We’ll cover: (Tuesday 9/5 at 8 pm est.)

  • How to choose the right tech platform
  • An on-screen lead page setup
  • What to email your peeps once they sign up
  • How often to email
  • What to sell to your list
  • How to measure your results

Investment: $97

Are you ready to Accelerate Your List?


(There WILL be replays of both days for ALL registrants)

Who am I?


I know you’re on my site, but just in case you are new to my part of this social media world, let me introduce myself. Hey Darling! My name is Nyala Phillip. I’m a marketing and income strategist who teaches female entrepreneurs how to use their story to find their unique value to the market, how to create profitable marketing strategies, and how to execute intentionally so they can live the life they deserve.

As a die-hard fan of social media, I have to tell you that it is not promised to anyone. Just like Blab which shut down in 2016 (it came and went so fast you might not even remember it).

If Facebook were to shut down tomorrow, who would you market to? 

Growing your list is the BEST thing you can ever do for your business, and I’m a living testimony to it! Like you, I started my business wondering how to grow my email list.

After many trials and errors, and learning from my mistakes, I achieved amazing success with my own list. On average I generate 300+ leads per week. My client Ruth generated 600 leads in 45 days using my unique strategies and with ZERO FB Ads.

And I’m here to teach you what YOU need to start doing TODAY to get the even better results, minus the stress & the headaches.




“I knew this was something I really needed to do if I was ever going to get myself to the next level. Having heard all the different formulas and tips and tricks that are out there though I was really in overwhelm. 5 minutes into the workshop I was already typing into the chat box “I finally feel I can get this off the ground. I have invested a lot over the past year but in that 5 minutes, I had clear action steps that I knew I could take. The information shared was also spot on in identifying what I was doing wrong and standing in my own way. I felt empowered and purposeful I was enthused to go take action and willing to hold myself accountable to execute because I now knew, exactly what to do. If you are just starting a biz or if you have been going in circles and feel overwhelmed, This is your answer, it will be worth the investment of your time and resources. I wish I had known this 9 months ago. Thanks, Nyala!!!” – Andrea Groce, Create Your Lane