5 Elements That Make Your Powerhouse Message

5 Elements That Make Your Powerhouse Message

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What entrepreneurs and business owners really want is to have is more clients and make more money, but they can’t get that without the correct message.

Everything starts with your message.

If you’re not able to attract the people you are looking for, or captivate them and get them to pay attention to you when sharing your message, then you won’t get them to move further into your client journey.

You should refer to your message as your million dollar message that tells the person who you are, who you help, why you help them, and why they should pay attention. That being said, your message isn’t just a phrase, it’s a platform. A lot of people get it so messed up thinking that it’s just this phrase and it’s really not. There are so many components that make up a message.:

Here are the five types of messages that you need

  • Your core message (This is your story)
  • Your million-dollar message (This is your marketing message)
  • Your magnetic message (This is your vision enrollment statement)
  • Your key messages (These are your main topics)
  • Your copy

To get the clients and revenue that you’re looking for you have to market your message(s).

Marketing is sharing your message with the right people, with hopes to inspire them to take action.

A lot of people market themselves but never end up getting the results they’re looking for. It could be because they’re not sharing their message to the right people, or they’re not sharing it in a way that compels them enough to take action when you ask them to.

When it comes to sharing your message, you have to be able to touch both the hearts and the minds of your ideal clients.

The reason why is because people buy with their emotions, but they justify through logic.

For example, people will see emails describing a course and they’ll think “wow this is perfect for me, ” and they’ll fall in love with the course. That’s the emotional side, but then they’ll start asking questions like “what’s the price.” That’s their logical side where they question if they have the money.

They start to justify making that decision. So you first have to be able to touch their hearts so that you can connect with them, but you also have to touch their minds.

You may be asking how do you touch the hearts of your ideal clients? How do you connect with them on a deeper level? You do that through your story. Focus on the key elements of your story that connect to your ideal clients.

So Let's Dive Into What those Key Elements Are

Your story is what’s going to help you connect to a person, but you have to understand that it’s not only about you. Your story is not only about your journey, but also about the journey that your ideal client is on at that moment.

Your story says who you are, why you started your business, and it tells the ups and downs that you’ve faced along the way. It tells people about your unique perspective of why you do what you do and why they should listen to you.

That being said, the first key element your story needs is vulnerability.

Vulnerability means, being able to share things that you never thought you would share, like your dark times. You never know what another person is experiencing, so when you share what you’ve been through you might see you have things in common. When you’re able to get vulnerable with people, that’s how you connect to their hearts.

Remember you’re out here trying to get people to invest high ticket prices into you, so they have to trust you. You want them to feel like you understand them, or you’ve been where they’re at, so vulnerability is the key.

Tip: Give a timeline of all these events instead of actually telling a story so people can connect with them. Make memorable stories.

The second element your story needs is credibility.

Common Misconception: Whenever people hear the word credibility they think they have to have a coaching certification or a college degree. These are the things that people automatically think credibility is.

Here is where I’ll give you my own unique perspective: Credibility is your experience.

Have you ever been in a place where you felt like, “oh my goodness, here I am starting over. I keep pushing and things are not working out.” I’m sure everyone has been in this specific position. When you’re in this position, this is where your journey starts and where you begin to gain experience.

It doesn’t matter if you graduated college, or if you have a coaching certification, what matters really is your experience. If you have been able to accomplish and overcome things and help other people do the same, that’s all the credibility you need.

Tip: Make sure that when you are sharing your message, you’re touching base on people’s deepest desires, because that’s what really compels a person to take action.

The third element is your key message(s)

I advise that you guys have three key messages that you focus on under your brand.

Ex: Let’s say you’re in the finance industry. Your three key messages could be pertaining to budgeting, investing, and retirement.

Now that you know what your key topics are, you’re now able to create an umbrella of topics that always lead to your key messages. Once you’re able to do that, what happens is people start to identify you with these messages. So if someone joins a Facebook group and comments saying they need a financial advisor, people will tag you because that’s what they associate you with. If you are always speaking on your key topics, you’re the person that people are always going to recommend when someone is looking for what you service in.

Note: There, there are topics that you teach about and topics that you preach about.

Last but not least, your copy. This is what you write on your website, your landing pages, your sales pages, your emails, your content, and your videos.

So there are five components you’ll need for your copy:

  • Make it engaging. Your copy will not compel people to take action if it’s not engaging. Engagement matters to keep people’s attention.
  • You have to inspire people by sharing your story (vulnerability, credibility).
  • It has to be clear. You can’t speak to everyone about everything.
  • It needs to be concise. It needs to be clear, but it also needs to be concise and not too overwhelming and comprehensive where people are like, “ aw man, I can’t grasp what she’s saying so I can take action.”
  • It needs to be genuine. This goes back to you, teaching from your own experience, when teaching from your own story it makes your copy genuine and authentic.

Your message isn't just a phrase, it's a platform

All of these key elements are important when it comes to sharing and coming up with your message.

When we get into our story and dig deep into our experiences we realize what we really should be teaching about. You might find yourself teaching about things that fit with the industry or about things you think will make you money, but deep in your heart, you have a passion to be in a different industry.

There’s something about your journey and things that you’ve overcome that you can connect to and help other people with.

Don’t make yourself feel like an imposter. Share your story based on your personal experience. This is how you position yourself as genuine, authentic, and experienced enough to be trusted by the clients that you’re trying to reach. In that way, you will get more clients and generate more revenue, just by telling your story.

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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