How can I grow an audience that converts? Or better yet How can I grow my audience and turn them into customers? These are the questions I get over and over again.

It’s to be expected. At the end of the day, your business will not make any money if you don’t have an audience. It reminds me of so many business owners, myself included. (before I knew better)

We have these ideas. We go and get the best logo done, the best website done, the best business cards done, and then oops there is nobody to market to. The most important part was not done which is knowing who your target is and how you will start growing a community of people that support your brand. So today I’m want to talk to you about six steps to grow in an audience that converts. I even added the bomb coaching pack for you so make sure you read till the end so you can get your free gift.

Let’s jump in!

1. Discover your why – In order for you to be happy in the business that you’re creating, you need to make sure it aligns with your values and your passions. The reason why many employees wake up on Monday morning, dreading to go into the office is because what they’re doing is not aligned with their actual values, passions, and dreams. I’m from the old school, and back in the days being an entrepreneur was not exactly a cool thing. It meant that you were lazy and pretty much didn’t know what you wanted out of life. Nowadays, things are very different. Entrepreneurs are admired because we are now known as the only people on earth who gets to do what we want, when we want, how we want, and make a boatload of money in the process. And the first step to really creating that freedom based life is to discover your why.

You need to:

  • define your values
  • find your passions
  • know who you are.

You may not be a hundred percent clear on this in the beginning. However, you want some type of understanding before you get started. Why are you doing this? Who are you doing this for? Who do you want to help? and What purpose are you for fulfilling?

2. Craft your story – Your unique background will appeal to your ideal client in a way that no one else’s will. Again, we’re not necessarily talking about business here (we’ll get to that story in the next step) but instead, we want to focus on your personal life.

  • What struggles have you overcome?
  • What hardships have you faced?
  • How have you impacted someone else’s life?
  • How has another person impacted you?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What drives you crazy?

Everyone struggles at some point, and when you meet your ideal client in Step 4, she will resonate with your story, and you might just become her inspiration. Where no other coach has been just the right fit, you will be.

3. Gather your experience – If you want people to pay attention to you and see the value in what you’re providing you will have to establish your authority. What are you an expert at? What experience do you have? Are you a bookkeeper? Do you know how to build websites? What do you know? People pay for information. People pay for the ability to accomplish things in less time and if hiring you gets that done for them, trust me, you will be hired Make a list of all the areas you are an expert in. Then narrow that list down to 3. Then narrow it down to one. That will be where you start.

For example: If you are a financial coach and you narrow your list down to budgeting, you should start posting everything you know about budgeting. Start creating. Creating your own systems and become known as the Budget queen of the world lol no but really. Tiffany the Budgetnista did it!

4. Decide on who your ideal client is – You’ve probably heard the often-repeated advice about gender, age, economic status, family relationships, business models, and more. And those things are certainly important. After all, if your coaching programs are designed with “heart-centered women entrepreneurs” in mind, clearly you’re excluding men from your ideal client base. But demographics aren’t enough. You need to dig deeper, and really get to know your perfect customer. Think back to your story questions from Step 2. How would your ideal client answer those same questions? What makes her heart sing? What drives her crazy? What does she struggle with? What comes easily to her?When you can confidently identify your ideal client, everything you do—from writing a blog post to creating a five-figure coaching program—will become infinitely easier.

5. Research their struggles – Now this is a big one. You can’t expect to convert an audience if you don’t give them something first. And whatever you give MUST solve a problem for them. So, if you’re a website designer you may solve the problem they have of not attracting leads on their website. Or maybe their struggle is their website is not functional. When you know your ideal clients struggles you are then able to create products and offers that are going to sell. People will pay to solve their problems or completely rid themselves of it.


6. Create content that speaks to those struggles – This last step is crucial. Your content will do 2 main things

  • Attract your ideal clients – Only people who are interested will engage with your content. This is why it’s important to share content that speaks to the struggles of your ideal clients
  • Position you as an authority – When you help solve these problems for your audience they will start to look to you as their leader and you will start to build more authority. The more you are seen as an authority, the more opportunities come.

If you’ve been struggling with growing your audience or just need some direction, I have a gift that I know will help and you will lovveee. 🙂

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