7 Signs that you’re prosperity blocked

I’ve been conducting a good bit of strategy sessions this week and just like many of the clients who come to work with me

so many coaches are suffering with a lack of prosperity mindset.

And this is why no matter how hard they work, they still can’t seem to generate five figures or more per month in their business.

I suffered with this as well, and it wasn’t until I started to identify what this looked like and shifted my money story was I able to confidently charge my worth. And once I got confident, it’s like I became a client magnet.

Funny thing is, me going through this process is what allows me to identify the same blocks in my coaches.

So I wanted to take a look at the 7 most common symptoms that you are prosperity blocked. If you identify with ANY, stay locked in, because I’m also going to share with you how to start shifting your money story

1. Money guilt – If you ever generate more than a subsistence level of money, you can barely keep it in your bank account. It’s gone before you realize it. You might give it away to relatives or friends; or pay bills so zealously you suddenly realize you didn’t leave enough for another necessary expense (such as food).
2. Lack of Confidence – You don’t feel you “deserve” to be rich. In severe cases, you don’t even feel you “deserve” to be self-sufficient. You don’t take risks or chances, because you are sure you will fail. You don’t raise your prices because, hey, you already feel like a fraud. You constantly give your power away to others: Spouses, clients, bosses; even your kids!
3. Procrastination – You don’t complete money-making tasks (like creating that new landing page, promoting your new Client Package, or selling that new book) because you secretly don’t believe it will make any difference. (You’re sure you won’t get more than one or two takers.)
4. Being financially tongue-tied – Exactly what it sounds like: Being unable to talk about prices, or ask people to invest in your coaching or products. Being unable to raise your prices with clients, or ask for the sale. Avoiding conversations about money with spouses, parents, clients.
5. Hours for dollars persistence – Sticking to providing one-on-one coaching even when you’re burned out, because (1) it’s the ‘easiest’ way to bring in income (2) you’re secretly fearful of adding team members, outsourcing and dealing with contractors or trying new ‘risky’ methods of income generation.
6. Putting up with negative situations – This is another sign of lack of confidence. You stay in relationships that drain you, whether these are toxic friendships, marriages or client relationships. (One coach I know almost sabotaged her whole life with unbalanced volunteer work)
7. Working for Peanuts – Similar to # 6, but it is a huge symptom that you don’t have a realistic deserve level; that you think of others as more qualified than you or better than you in other ways.
All of these are signs that your money story is not a healthy one. Don’t blame yourself for them
most money stories comes from our history.
It ain’t our fault hunny
But it is your fault if you allow this to prevent you from up-leveling in your business by NOT making the shifts.
Pay attention to what you need to change. If you find yourself doing any of these seven signs over and over (particularly in more than one area of your life), it is proof you have a seriously negative money story.
You really don’t believe you have the right to a life that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.
Finally, here’s the big take-away to this: Whichever of these seven signs resonate the most are your clues to your specific “story”. That’s the story you need to change.
AND>>>>> If you resonate with ANY one, LOOKOUT for my next article.
I’m going to share with you how to start rewriting your Money Story

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