I get this all the time. Nyala, I  love Instagram. I’m being consistent but for some reason, I cannot make more money on this platform. What am I doing wrong?

So in this video we’re going to talk about How To Start Growing Your List On Instagram


Because #1 thing I see most people do wrong is that they are not using the platform to grow their list so today we’re going to talk about how to start growing your list on Instagram.

But first I want to talk to you about why this is going to be so important for you.

  • Social media is a place to network. So as a business owner, you should be growing a database so you can further communicate with your people.
  • Social media is not promised.  Do you remember Blab? Blab is now gone and that can happen to any platform, right? So you again, as a business owner, should be taking this seriously and growing a database. The real asset is in your list.
  • It takes a minimum of seven interactions for most people to actually whip out their credit card and buy.

So what happens is when someone sees your post on Instagram, it will most likely be their first time seeing you. It’s not enough time for them to really get to know you. And it’s really, really important for you to build and nurture a relationship with your people.

And that is easily done through email marketing, but how can we email people if we’re not growing the list?

So those are the reasons why it’s really important for you to start growing a list today.

Now,  I’m going to give you exactly what you need to start growing your list now.


Let’s go!

1. A free gift: You may have heard this before, it’s called an incentive, or freebie, or a lead magnet. You need a free gift.  It’s all about giving and receiving. You can’t expect to have people paying you if you haven’t given them anything first. So you need a free gift. But here’s the thing with this free gift, this free gift needs to be so valuable and needs to solve the biggest problem that your product solves. Every single one of your products tackles a different problem. So it’s very important for you to have a free incentive that tackles those problems.nail place

The next question I get when I talk to people about creating freebies is “Nyala,  am I going to have to do this over and over again?


Do you want to crank out a freebie every single week when you’re now starting out? No, but at some point, you want to get to because you want to make sure that the gift you’re giving away is solving a major problem for your ideal client.

When that happens, they’re like, “okay, if this was good, I want to join her team or work with her.”

So make sure that that freebie is valuable and that it solves the biggest problem that your product solves.

Got It.?Okay.

2. A Lead Page Software: You need this so when people click the link in your bio, they’re sent to a page that will capture their information. (Name and Email)

This page should tell them what your incentive is about and they should want to sign up for it.

So this has a lot to do with the bio section on Instagram. This is something I see a lot of people overlook, which is crazy to me because it’s the only place on our profile where we can leave a link.

Many are not utilizing the space, or they’re sending people to their facebook page, or website, which is okay, but can you capture a person’s information from sending them to your Facebook page or sending them to your site?

No, but if you give them one option, which is to download this free incentive and it’s something that solves a problem for them, umm yea they would.

They would go to that page. They would download it and they would sign up for your freebie. So you want to have a lead page software that will allow you to create that.

3. Email Marketing Software – a.k.a – A CRM: Let’s get real for a moment. Too many people want to start an online business and don’t realize that there are tools they’re going to need to be able to run a business effectively.

If you’re new to this, you don’t have to run and get everything right now, but you want to get enough so you can actually start growing a database of people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Okay? So you need an email marketing software. Why do you need this? Well, the lead page captures a person’s information, but once you capture their information, you want to be able to continue the conversation and that is done in emails.

So you need a software that will legally send emails to your leads on your behalf. So it’s very important that you have an email marketing software. I’ve put together the list of tools I use to run my entire business. Click the button below to grab your copy!

4. Valuable and Engaging Content: Here’s the thing, I have people that write in and say, “Hey Nyala, I created a Freebie. I looked at your class, or I looked at your video. I created a Freebie, but I can’t get anyone to sign up.” And then my next question is, “okay, well what are you doing to get people to sign up?” They’re like,” oh, I just posted on Instagram here and there” HUH?

That is not going to work. What you’re going to need is engaging and valuable content that pushes people to your Freebie, you get it?

So let’s look at this example, I recorded this video for you, right?

We’re talking about how to start growing your list on Instagram and I’m also offering you the opportunity to download an implementation resource. Why? Because it is very important that you execute what you’re learning today, but it’s also very important for me to grow my database filled with people who I can help.

Okay, so let’s recap, but before we do that, download your implementation resource. I created a list of tools I use in my business to run a six-figure business.


Okay so let’s recap.

  • A free gift to entice people to join your list.
  • A lead page software to host your freebie info and collect your lead information.
  • An email marketing software to further communicate with your list by emailing them.
  • Engaging and valuable content to attract your ideal client and push them to your lead page/list.

That is how you start growing a list on Instagram and when you start growing a list on Instagram, I guarantee, you will start making more money on Instagram.

The next step is to create a set of valuable emails that sell your products and services. We call this AN EMAIL SEQUENCE. We’re not talking about this today but don’t worry I created a planner to walk you through writing your profitable emails. SEE BELOW!

blankEmail Follow-Up Planner

Ask any successful business owner and she’ll tell you, the faster you can move a potential client from the “prospect” side of the ledger to the “buyer” side, the higher your profit margins will be. That’s why millions of dollars have been spent studying marketing strategies, client onboarding methods, follow-up contact, and more.

Even if they’ve only just met you, a well-designed follow-up sequence can quickly:

  • Establish you as the leader in your market
  • Provide proof of concept
  • Solidify that “know, like and trust” element
  • Turn browsers into buyers


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