Mapping out your profit plan is a way to strategically plan your profit with intention.

In this post, I will show you how to map out a 30-day profit plan step by step.

I will first give you the framework, then I will show you what a plan looks like for a Financial Coach.

If you are more of a visual learner, you can skip all the long writing I’m about to get into and watch the video below. The video is about 30 minutes long and the content starts right around 6 minutes.

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You will get to see what a 90-day 100k profit plan looks like and exactly what I do to hit my profit goals month after month. Scroll down below to bypass it all and go to the FULL training.

Now, let’s jump into this. There are (3) things that you MUST know before ANYTHING can work in your Business.

  1. Know who you are speaking to
  2. Know what their #1 problem is that they will give anything to solve
  3. Know how your program/service provide the solution to that problem

When you a VERY clear on these 3, it becomes easier to hit your profit goals.

Step 1 – Decide on your profit goals

You may be thinking that deciding on your profit goals just means choosing a number. Am I right? Most of the Entrepreneurs I speak to say things like “I just wanna make 5k per month” or “I’ll be good if I could just make an extra 3k”.

If this is what you are thinking


When it comes to deciding on your profit goals you first have to know what are your house bills, obligations, business bills, any type of expenses you need to account for. Also, think of what you want to save. What extra circular activities you want to do. Do you want to take a vacation?  You need to think of it ALL.

Step 2 – Decide on your Business goals

This is where you think about what you want to accomplish in your business this month. Do you want to write a book? Launch a course? Get more speaking engagements? Knowing your business goals will determine what action steps you should be taking every day to reach your profit goals.

Step 3 – Decide on your freebie and offers

I am going to assume that you already know what a freebie is and why you need it. If you do not, I highly suggest you watch the video below. When I am choosing a freebie, I always make sure it is completely aligned with my offer. You want to make sure that the people you are attracting are the people who would be interested in your offer.

Step 4 – Put a price on the offer

Now, with all the coaches I speak to per month. I can tell you that every last one of them just makes up a price from what they see others doing. I want you to think of the results you provide your client. When I think of my coaching clients I know that after one call they have instant clarity and a new found confidence. I know that on average 6 out of 10 make their first $5k in 30 days. I know that without getting any help they continue to lose time and money and end up completely frustrated. This is how you need to think when you think of pricing. Are you saving a marriage? Are you saving your client from medical bills by providing them meal plans that give them better health?  THINK ABOUT THAT

Step 5 – Figure out how many sales you need to hit your Profit Number

Now that you have your number. I want you to divide that number by your profit goal number. How many clients do you need to hit your profit goal?

So, this is what the Framework looks like.


This is what it looks like mapped out for a Financial Coach. What this is saying is that, this coach wants to make $8,000 for the month. Her business goals are generating 100 leads and booking a speaking engagement for the month. She is going to use one of her live streams as her freebies and her offer is a coaching program priced at $497

According to this plan, she needs 16 people to join her program to make $8k. Now, of course this does not include the income she will generate from her speaking engagements. But you get the idea. PLAN WITH INTENTION


Now, with all the ads you see on your news feed promising you that they have the secret to your earning your first six figures I wanted to be your breath of fresh air.

At the end of the day

You Can’t make six figures by spending $5 a day on Facebook ads if you DO NOT know how to run Facebook ads or write email campaigns that convert

You Can’t make five figures from creating a value filled webinar and selling a course at the end if you DO NOT know how to create a webinar that converts

and you damn sure can’t make six figures from attracting high-end clients and selling high ticket packages on the phone if you DO NOT know how to have a sales conversation that converts.

Although these strategies work, they DO NOT work the QUICKEST.

My clients like fast results that are scalable.

And that is exactly what I share in the FULL free training!