I have 10 hacks to grow your email list on speed for you today. You know how important it is to start building an email list right away. Here are 10 ideas for you to consider and take action plus a bonus  at the end. Enjoy.

1. Lead Magnet– A lead magnet is something you can give away for free to entice your viewers to give you their email addresses. For example, last week I created a new branding checklist.  As of now I’ve already added 133 emails to that list.

 2. Free Webinars – You can host free webinars. Choose topics that your ideal client would want to know about. Choose topics that they need in order to change some aspect of their life or business. Create a web page which is my number 3. Make sure that in order for participants to register for the webinar they have to submit their name and email address.

Here’s an example of my last webinar:



3. Lead page – In order to start collecting emails you have to have a lead page or lead box or lead form, etc. I use Get response or Lead Pages to create mine. The photo above is a lead page advertising my free Webinar. As you can see you want to create a design that will make your viewers stay on the page

4. Lead Digits –  Lead digits is a program that allows you to collect leads via text. Lead pages offers it. However, I do not recommend  someone now starting out to take on this extra cost. An alternative is joinbytext.com This is convenient for when you are attending events or on the road and quickly want to add someone to your list.

5. Discounts – This can be used by anyone who has a retail store online or offline. Giving discounts is a popular way to get people to join your list especially if the product that you are selling is high in demand.

6. Free E-course  –  This option is very similar to free webinars however while a webinar is live, courses can be created and placed online so you can make money while you sleep. You’re probably wondering how can I make money if it’s free? Well, here’s the trick. Create a mini course. Give it away for free in order to get your viewers email address. Within the course, you can have different places where you advertise your products or services, and or affiliate links.

7. Email Signature – You can place a web link to your lead page in your email signature. This is the easy way to build your list without having to actually say hey join my list.

8. Text signature –  Text signature is very similar to number seven. I use the app Go SMS for my text on my cell phone. I’m able to customize my text signature whenever I want.  Recently an old friend sent me a text that had nothing to do with business but through my email signature, she was able to find out about the class that I had coming up and referred another friend that needed that class to me.

9. Digital Products – I can’t tell you how much my income has grown since I started creating digital products.  Create products that you know your followers need.

10. Hello Bar-  A hello bar is a bar that is placed on the top of your website. It is one of the first things that people will see when they come to your website. For over a year I used it on my WordPress website and it helped me build my fitness group on Facebook +700 users. I am in the process of changing my platform from WordPress to Squarespace and I also have it on my new site. I can’t wait until I get to show you guys that one.

Okay, that wraps up my 10 hacks to grow your email list.  As a bonus I’ve created a list for you with even more ideas.

Download it now and start growing your list.


Tell me below if you’ve tried something that works.