With the new year coming this is the time that most people think it’s time for a re-brand. This is not necessarily true.

Today I want to give you some signs that will tell you it’s time for a re-brand.

1. You are a Newbie

If you are a startup company or you are new to business then it’s wise to start with a well-put-together brand. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying go and spend thousands of dollars to a big brand company if you do not have the funds. You can simply pay a small company that will provide you with your logo, your website,  colours, etc … as you grow you can get more of the branding assets that you need.

2. Your brand is not cohesive

I struggled with this for a while. If you are using 10 different logos, different colors on each social media platform, or using a tone on each platform then your brain is not cohesive. Remember branding is all about what a person feels about your business. If each platform does not coincide, then you are not creating an effective brand identity.

3. Your business is growing.

It’s time to step it up As you grow your brand should grow. You will know this as individuals become more successful they now are able to afford better systems which give their customers and clients a better experience. If you are at this point and you have outgrown your brand then it’s time for a re-brand.

4. Not getting any clients

Let’s face it we’re in business to make money so if you’re not getting any clients and you tried everything that you can then it’s probably time for a re-brand. Having a well-put-together brand automatically generates sales. Why? Because a well-put-together brand means that you have already gone through brand discovery, you’ve laid the right foundation, AND you know exactly who you are targeting. Hence, automatic sales

5. You are not attracting your ideal client

Some brands get a lot of attention because of their experience. That doesn’t always mean that the attention they are getting is from their ideal clients. If you are getting customers and clients, but they are not the customers that you really want to work with it’s most likely because your brand design is not attracting them.

6. You used to get sales, but now it’s here or there

If your sales are decreasing and you’ve tried everything you can then it is most likely the presentation. You can try making a few adjustments and if that does not work it’s time for a re-brand.

7. You get tons of traffic, but no conversions

Some brands are great at social media and driving traffic to their website. If this is your case and you are consistently getting traffic to your website but not getting any sign-ups to your email list or getting any sales it may be time for a re-brand.

8. You can’t stand out from the crowd

If you do not lay a solid foundation when building your brand you can easily find yourself copying from those you admire. Your brand should speak to you. Your brand needs to stand out. What makes you different from everyone else?

9. You’ve decided to go a different route

Sometimes through your journey, you might find out that you enjoy something else or another aspect of the business that you would like to be known for. In most cases this will require a re-brand.

10. Your brand is just not appealing

I don’t need to elaborate on this one. A well-designed brand attracts.


After reading this post. Do you think you need a re-brand? Do you have any questions? Post them below!