Hey there! I’m back with another post that’ll teach you yet another way to use your PLR Product.

There are all sorts of ways to make use of great PLR (Private Label Rights) content.  You may automatically think of the most familiar ways, such as eBooks or guides or Web content.

However, there are many ways that PLR content can be incorporated into marketing, services, and products for your business. Use your creative imagination. How can you use this content to its maximum potential?

Here are 12 ways to use your PLR product OFFLINE.

1. Brochures – Use the PLR content, graphics, or adaptable logos in your own business’ brochures and flyers. 

2. Newsletters – Use the content to keep your newsletter fresh with consistent valuable content. Don’t forget the key here is to repurpose it to sound like you and your brand’s voice.  

3. Trade Shows – Videos, audio, presentations, and content can all be used when you attend trade shows or conventions. You can have low-cost products on your vendor table and even if you are the keynote speaker. You can use the content to give to the audience in return for email addresses. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you how many people go to speaking engagements without anything to sell. 

4. Promotional Items – Use or adapt logos, graphics, quotes, and other PLR content on promotional items such as magnets, mugs, shirts, etc. 


5. Radio – Adapt PLR content for radio spots or for use in interviews. 

6. Articles – PLR content can be a great source for articles. Most cities have their own local newspaper. Start generating a buzz in your local area.

7. Ads – PLR content and graphics can be used in print advertisements. 

8. Logos – When you buy a logo and add your name, you are – in a sense – using PLR content. 

9. Cards and Correspondence – Want to send all of your customers a holiday card?  Find some great PLR content or graphics to make it unique. 

10. Templates – From presentation templates to manual and book templates, there’s no need to reinvent material when someone else has already created it. 

11. Training – Training material, handouts, guides, and notebooks can be compiled using great PLR content. 

12. Presentations – Don’t have time to create an informative and sleek PowerPoint presentation about SEO?  There’s probably a PLR version somewhere that you can repurpose and turn into a presentation. At the end of the presentation, you can upsell your guests into a coaching program. 

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