Hello again! I have some interesting and useful information to share with you about your PLR Product. There are all sorts of ways to make use of great PLR (Private Label Rights) content online.

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How can you use this content to make more money on the world wide web?


  1. Niche-Related Product Bundles – When you buy or create PLR content that is niche-specific, you can then offer this content as a bundle. Instead of one article or manual, your customers get a group of materials at a discounted price.
  2. Online Memberships – Once you have a good “stock” of PLR materials, you can offer them online via subscription or membership. Your customers can pay a one-time or monthly fee to have PLR content regularly sent to them. This gives you a steady income as well.
  3. List-Building – By creating lists of PLR material, especially niche-specific lists, you are not only categorizing your content, you are also saving your customers time. They will be more likely to come to you for their content because they can find what they need in one place.
  4. Creating a Marketplace – This is similar to list-building or memberships, but it can be set up more as a storefront online, and your customers can simply shop for the content they want.
  5. Selling RR and MRR Products – When you sell content that allows your customers to resell it, especially if their customers can also resell it, you’re giving them something to purchase and a way to make a profit, which will make them even more interested in your content.
  6. Rebranding – We have talked about rebranding already, but this is a great way to tailor content. This allows you or your customers to have ownership of the content, using your/their name and links.
  7. ELearning and online training – online learning is becoming a bigger and bigger business. Individuals are taking advantage of the opportunity to take classes online, and businesses are using self-paced training online for their employees. You can be the one to supply them with great content.
  8. Web Content – Let’s face it, there are only so many ways to tell your customers that you sell insulation or roofing. Great PLR content will save you time when constructing content for your website. You just edit and alter the details so that they are specific to your company.
  9. Websites – Web templates have been around for years. The natural next step is content-rich websites that can be altered and adapted for an individual business or organization. We already have the capability to take a site template and make it our own through changing the colors, graphics, and fonts. Having ready-to-alter content saves even more time and money.
  10. Videos – If you sell DIY products, chances are your customers would like to be able to access how-to videos. Instead of spending the money to have a “How to put up Drywall” video yourself, you can make use of one that is already out there. Or, if you create the video, you can sell it with PLR rights that will allow the customer to edit the lead in and lead out to include their business information.
  11. Graphics – If you go to a site like to create a logo for your business, what you are really doing, in a sense, is buying the PLR rights to a graphic and font that is specific to your business. You can do this with your own graphics as well. Create a logo to go along with your content, and make it editable.
  12. Ads – If you create a great ad as PLR content, then you can sell that ad to a variety of businesses who can then profit from the advertisement. Some engaging information and a great graphic can be coupled with the right to edit and insert individual information, and your customer is ready to go.

ok so, What are some ways you use your PLR content? Tell us below!


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