3 Ways To Get Clients TODAY

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When it comes to getting new clients the first thing you should know is that there are dozens of ways that you could get clients.

What people don’t understand is most strategies take time.

This fact is important to note because depending on where you are in business, you might have to face the fact that your strategy is going to take a little bit of time to blossom.

The reason why a lot of the strategies take time is because there are things that you have to do.

– You have to be able to attract your ideal client. This is what I like to call the captivation stage, where you grab the attention of your ideal clients.

– Once you captivate the clients you’re looking for, you have to nurture them. Nurturing your relationships with them will build rapport and make them trust you.

Basically you have to actually move people from being a cold audience to a warm audience.

Plenty of people may follow you on social media but they’re most likely following other people as well. That means they have no loyalty to you, and they’re not really checking for you.

That is what a cold audience is and your job is to convert your audience into a warm audience.

This is a reason why most of the strategies for you to get you use to get clients take time.

This conversion is the pre-work that is necessary for obtaining a hot lead.

Once the pre-work is done you can choose any of the 3 strategies below to get new clients.

The first way that you can get clients today is by tapping into your email list.

The reason why tapping into your email list is one of the best ways to get clients today is because they’re already primed to a certain extent.

You have already done the pre-work where you nurtured, shared stories, and gave value to them. Now you can tap back into your email list and retain these client’s .

Let’s say you’re launching a program for $8,000 but you offer it for $5,000 in an email you send out. The condition could be “join this call and I’ll sign you into my program for $5,000.”

By tapping into your email list just like that you can obtain the clients you’re looking for. Note the importance of list-building.

Number two is using, what I like to call, lead-gen-posts in your Facebook groups. 

Your facebook group is where your warm audience resides so you’re guaranteed to get a response. So what are lead-gen-posts? Here’s an example :

Do you need help getting new clients?
Type yes below.

Now when someone says yes you could say, “go check your inbox,” and now you can start to have a profitable conversation.

When having this conversation with them you should be asking them questions, assessing where they’re at, and then leading the conversation to see if they’re candidates to get on a call with you to book them into your program.

The third strategy is to make a short list.

This short list should consist of people who would be ideal for your program. Your short list can have past clients, community members, or even people you’ve had calls with before that didn’t take you up on the offer.

Lets say your goal is to get 10 clients within the next 90 days through your program. That’s very measurable so now all you have to do is make a short list of lets say 20 people. Once you create this short list you need to take some time and reach out to them to have a profitable conversation.

Those are the three ways that will help you obtain the clients you’re looking for.

Be courageous enough to get that client!

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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