5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It)

“It seems like there’s always a new marketing strategy to implement, but none of them ever work.”

If that sounds like the story of your life, keep reading!

Here are the 3 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working For You:

There aren’t enough people seeing your content
If people aren’t seeing your content, your numbers will be low, so before throwing your strategy away, try landing some joint ventures:
  • Podcast Interviews
  • YouTube Series
  • TikTok OR Reel Collabs
  • Joint Livestreams
These collaborations will push your content in front of new audiences and give you enough data to determine whether or not your marketing is working.
You don’t have a real strategy
Marketing for the sake of marketing won’t get you anywhere!
People need a reason to invest or follow, and random posts won’t give them one.
Showing them how they’ll benefit from working with you, will!
Start marketing your process, aka “client journey,” that your program will take them through so that they can see your value. 
Once you start sharing value, you’ll see if doing that works best for you.
Your copy is confusing
When your copy confuses your audience, it’s either because, 
A: You’re not speaking their language! You’re not speaking to their pain points and making them understand that you’re the solution to their problem.
B: You’re way ahead of their league! You aren’t on the same wavelength as your client, and all of your terminologies confuse them so much that they don’t even know you’re speaking to them.
To fix this, you have to map out your perfect personal profile.
Get very clear on your client’s specific problems and frustrations so that you can start to build messages to speak to those issues.
Try these strategies if you want to see a difference in your marketing.
Also, remember to be patient with your marketing plan. It can’t work if you’re changing it consistently, so give it some time to work!

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