How to Recession-Proof Your Business w/Latisha Styles

Have you ever heard the saying,
“Millionaires are made in a recession?”
Latisha Styles is a prime example of that! 
She experienced nothing but financial success while the entire world was undergoing a recession in 2020, and she’s made it her mission to teach you how to do the same!

If you want to position your business to attract high-quality clients, here are 3 things she says you have to do:

Become Who You Want To Attract

If someone sees you and can’t recognize themselves in you, they’re likely to move on to the next person. 
To attract your ideal clients, you have to have something in common with them so that they can relate to you.
They need to feel like the person they’re investing in understands them, and who better than the person they relate to?

Reposition Your Service(s)

For your service to attract your ideal client, it needs to call them out directly.
You can ensure it by speaking to their pain points and showing them why you’re the solution to their struggles.

Reposition Your Actions

If high-quality clients are what you want, then your actions better show it.
  • Research and find out your client’s desires so you can market to them
  • Curate copy that speaks directly to the hearts of your ideal clients
Do what you must do to get the clients you say you want!

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