How to create a compelling message for your coaching business

Messages are extremely important when it comes to selling!
If you want your ideal clients to invest in your programs and services, you’re going to have to craft a Compelling Message that does two things:
  • Tap into their emotions ethically
  • Motivate them to take action
You see, people buy through their emotions, and that’s why your message must make them feel something because that’s the only way you’ll be able to inspire them to buy.

Do you want to learn how to craft a message that captivates and convinces people for you? Here's what to do:

Craft your “Core Message”
Your core message states who you truly are. 
You have to be vulnerable enough to share your story:
Why you started your business – Things you’ve been through – Ways you’ve evolved.
The vulnerability tied with this message will subliminally force people to relate with you, and that’s what you want.
When people hear your come-up story, if they feel like you felt, they’ll connect with you instantly and be quicker to buy.
Why? Because people buy based on emotion, and if your story moves them they’ll want to invest in the transformation you’re offering!
Craft your “Marketing Message”
Your marketing message is your million dollar message, aka your “I Help” statement.
This statement tells your ideal client who you serve and what you do:
“I Help Coaches Create Content”
The KEY to making this message effective is adding the challenges you’ll solve.
People buy with a “what’s in it for me” mindset, so you must tell them.
They can hire anyone to write content….
What makes you the answer to their prayers?
What stress are you relieving?
Craft your Magnetic Message 
Your magnetic message is your vision enrollment statement.
To craft this message, you have to answer this question:
What do you believe about the people you serve?
When you can clearly (and factually) say what your client’s deepest desires are and the motivation behind why they want to accomplish whatever it is that you’re helping them achieve, you’ll be able to craft this message. 
You’re magnetic message will automatically captivate and convert your ideal client because it will play on their desires.
Craft your Key Messages 
These messages are your preaching and teaching topics.
Messages from your own methods and processes. Sharing this will share and promote your expertise.
Messages that you strongly believe. These have the potential to move your people the same way it moves you, and that will spark connections.
These two are the perfect messages to promote yourself while still connecting with and captivating your audience.
Craft your copy
Your copy is every single word that you write and speak.
That’s why whether it’s your landing page, email, website, Instagram caption, etc., your content needs to inspire your ideal clients to take action!
For your copy to be compelling, it has to be engaging, inspiring, clear, and genuine.
So as you can see, your message is everything. That’s the reason why messaging is extremely important to selling.

"Your message isn't just a phrase, it's a platform"

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