How to use TikTok to grow your Coaching Business w/Samantha Vlasceanu

How to use TikTok to grow your Coaching Business w/Samantha Vlasceanu

Whether you’re new or seasoned in Tik Tok Marketing, what Samantha Vlasceanu, The Tik Tok Coach had to say in our interview will blow your mind!

After working in the corporate world for ten years straight, being laid off, then failing to launch her traveling business due to Covid, she found pleasure and distraction in Tik Tok.

After days of laughter and learning, she realized that to “trend,” you have to dance, and she made it her mission to find her difference, and NOW she teaches people how to trend with their difference!

Here are some Tik Tok tips directly from the coach herself:

Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for completion!

In the beginning, video marketing will be challenging, so don’t spend too much time perfecting one video. It’s more important to produce because as you do, you’ll be practicing, and practice makes perfect.

Focus on bringing value to your audience. 

Even though you’re joining Tik Tok for business, nobody cares about your product or service. So, create your 5 video pillars (ex. educational, entertaining, engaging, timely, inspirational, etc.) and add value to your profile. That’s how you’ll get the sale!

Be a thought leader in your industry. 

Stop thinking you’re too old or too out of touch with the trends. If talking is what you do, create videos speaking on your topic. There’s a community out there that will appreciate what you have to say, so don’t stray away from your purpose.

Make your videos similar.
When building a brand, things must be cohesive. To ensure that your videos are, think of three adjectives you want people to use when describing your videos. For example, if you choose the word “funny,” I wouldn’t be surprised if I was scrolling down your page dying of laughter. The point of picking those adjectives is to ensure your videos remain cohesive and consistent, allowing your audience to know what to expect from you.

Don’t post to go viral.

Don’t do content to go viral. Many people do this to gain followers, and while you may get some followers, they won’t be the right followers. They won’t be the followers that’ll listen to your story or buy your products. Instead, they’ll follow because you made them laugh and then unfollow when you stop entertaining them. Likewise, you shouldn’t do content unrelated to what you do or sell.

Don’t try to cram everything into one video

You’ll notice that Tik Tok likes videos that are 30 seconds and under in length, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cram everything into one video. Instead, you need to create accessible and digestible content for your audience to understand, and that’s why you should break your long-form content into series.

Stop thinking you're too old or too out of touch with the trends. There's a community out there that will appreciate what you have to say, so don't stray away from your purpose.

Here's my formula on creating a series on Tik Tok:

  1. Choose the specific topic that your series will be about, and break it down into 3 part video series. (1,2,3,4… however long the series will be)

  2. Create content around the topic you choose to keep the videos clear and concise.

  3. Create these 6 pieces for each video:

    – Your Hook (first sentence to grab people’s attention)
    – Your Bridge (something you say all the time)
    – Your Main Subject (your topic)
    – Alternative Solution (how to fix the problem)
    – The Outcome (what this will do for them)
    – Call To Action (tell them what to do)

You can use this six-piece format with any video content you’re making, and it’ll work like a charm each time.

Wasn’t that helpful? Navigating your way through Tik Tok will be so easy if you follow all of her tips.

Something else that will help you on your Tik Tok Journey is Samantha’s Ultimate A-Z guide for Entrepreneurs on Tik Tok:  Get it here

Make sure you check it out!

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