7 Deadly Messaging Mistakes Coaches Make (and how you can avoid them)

7 deadly messaging mistakes coaches make (and how you can avoid them)

Do you use your brand message as your unique selling point?


If so, you should know that that’s NOT the way to go!

Understand that your message is more than your “I help” or “mission statement.” 

Your message is your platform! It’s what you write, speak, and show, so you should consider it more than just a phrase!

Your message is your platform! It's what you write, speak, and show, so you should consider it more than just a phrase!

That single messaging mistake, along with many others, could be what’s costing you clients and revenue, but that stops today!

Here's how you can avoid making these 7 Deadly Messaging Mistakes that coaches stumble upon:

  1. Get clear on who your ideal client is!

    Knowing your ideal client inside and out is essential to your messaging!

    When you go to write communication-like emails, social posts, or even offers, in hopes of swaying your audience, it’ll be difficult….why? 

    Because how can you persuade someone you don’t know?

    Let’s use the title of this article, for example, “seven deadly messaging mistakes coaches are making.”

    The title was strategically crafted to call out two specific people:

    – Coaches 
    – Coaches who’ve been struggling with their messaging

    Because I know my ideal clients and their struggles, crafting this title along with the content wasn’t a complex task!

    If you want to make things easier on yourself, you need to know what they are struggling with and what their desires are. 

    Knowing and speaking to that is the only way you’ll start seeing different results!

  2. Speak to MORE than the problem!

    You can’t just speak about the problem you’re going to solve; you also have to tell people how solving that problem will change their life!

    Let’s say you’re a credit consultant. The problem your ideal client is facing is “bad credit,” and it’s your job to fix their credit.

    So you’ll say something simple like, “I’ll take your credit from 400 to 800.” 

    While there’s nothing wrong with that message because that’s what you do, it still won’t convert more than this message:

    “Are you tired of not being unable to create the lifestyle you want because your credit score is shot? Let me help you take your life from 0-100 with my credit recovery service! Working with me will not only guarantee your credit score increase, but it will also guarantee your dream home! You’ll get a car, business, vacation, whatever you desire after we begin!”

    Now that message will make somebody click because you’re not only talking about solving the problem but also telling them the benefits of solving the problem.

    Messaging becomes way more effective when you can identify the problems and speak to the symptoms, desires, solutions, and all the things they dream about.

  3. Understand your clients’ motivation!

    You need to know what your clients’ deepest motivation is if you want to be able to speak to that and reel them in!

    For example, one of your client’s motivations is her family. She works hard to succeed in business so that her family doesn’t see her as a failure again.

    – She doesn’t want to feel shame because she can’t provide for her children.

    – She doesn’t want to reach age 60 or 65 and look back and see that she never acted on her desires.

    – She doesn’t want to stop growing her business and return to the workforce because that would bring shame and even embarrassment.

    So now that she’s gone deeper into her motivation, you can take her words and create messages that speak to people experiencing the same fear as her!

  4. Focus on your why!

    Stop focusing on what you do and hone in on why.

    I get what it’s like to want to tell people about your program and all of its features!

    People walk around all the time talking about their fantastic coaching program, beautiful retreat, the 12 modules, the beautifully designed workbooks, and all the other things that come with their service.

    While all of that is amazing, it won’t emotionally connect with your clients, and that’s the issue because connection equals conversation, and conversation equals cash. 

    To connect with your ideal clients, you need to start talking about your “why” because that’s what will dig into your ideal client’s brain and heart emotionally.  

  5. Start being more personable!

    Your lack of personality is why you can’t connect with your ideal clients.

    If all you do is post and run, motivate them, then bounce, nobody will pay attention to you because you’re not taking the time to build these connections.

    You must be willing to open up and be vulnerable with your audience for them to feel like they know, like, and trust you.

    This way of messaging will make them connect with you, making them easier to convert.

  6. Leverage your stories!

    So just going back to what was said in number five, opening yourself up and being vulnerable and sharing your journey and daily life, all of those things make a person get to know you, like you, and trust you. 

    When they’re ready to invest and solve their struggling problem, guess what? You will be the first person they come to. 

    Why? Because you’re top of mind, you stay on top of mind because you are always sharing your story, your personality, and yourself with your audience.

    Once they feel like they know you, you’ll always be the first choice over a “stranger,” so keep sharing! 

  7. Stop tweaking your message!

    Too many people in the industry switch their message out constantly because it’s not bringing results, but how can it be if you don’t let it?

    I understand that your business may not always generate revenue, which could damage your brand confidence, but that doesn’t mean you can keep tweaking your message!

    If you say one thing today and another tomorrow, people won’t know what you stand for, so it’s essential to remain consistent with your message.

    Being consistent with your message will:
    Ultimately bring conversions
    Make your brand memorable 

    Those two perks alone should encourage you to stop tweaking and allow your message to move and motivate the masses. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! I also hope that you put them to use and perfect your messaging!

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