Best Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Market as a Coach

Best Ways to Stand Out in a Saturated Market as a Coach in 2022

The best thing about being a business owner is that you can make money every day. Not monthly, not biweekly, but daily.

Let’s dive into the #1 question you’ve been wanting to ask ever since Covid showed up and shook the entire coaching industry…. “Is the coaching market saturated?”

The short answer is, yes of course! Covid put people out of work and threw them our way. That’s the reason why you’re seeing SO many new faces teaching EXACTLY what you teach! 

As a coach in such a saturated market, it’s less important to blend in, and ESSENTIAL to stand out!

Here are the 4 Best Ways to Stand Out as a Coach in 2022!

  1. Start by asking yourself, “what do people always say I’m good at? We tend to overlook the things that come naturally to us while others view them as an accomplishment. I asked myself that question when I was niching down and I remembered being the storyteller for all of the plays in my school, and look at me today… A Marketing & Messaging Coach! You might think it’s a coincidence, but it’s not. Get clear on what you specialize in so that your potential prospects know EXACTLY what you do. Doing this will make it easier for them to separate you from others in your niche.

  2. Always share your perspective! Everyone might be teaching the same thing but that doesn’t mean you have to teach it in the SAME way! Teaching from your perspective is not only the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors but ALSO to attract your ideal prospects and begin building a like-minded audience.

  3. If you’re a bit more vulnerable, you can try sharing your experiences. Sharing your experience is a guaranteed way to speak to the emotions of people who can either relate to how you felt or have been in your shoes. People love knowing the “person behind the page” so don’t be scared to open up and show what separates you from your competitors!

  4. Want to make a HUGE Power Move? Teach from Your Framework! I know you have a signature road map that you bring your clients through so why aren’t you teaching the proven strategies you created? You have to teach your strategies if you want people to recognize that you bring something different to the table.


Those are the four different ways you can use to separate yourself from your competitors and stand out in your niche.

People love knowing the “person behind the page” so don’t be scared to open up and show what separates you from your competitors!

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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