Growing Your Audience with the Correct Strategy

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When people are just beginning their business they always try to find the right marketing strategy that’ll work for them. What’s great is that there are so many amazing leaders and amazing coaches out there that are teaching different strategies and all of the strategies work. That being said, there are many strategies for you to choose from.

When choosing a strategy it is important to choose one that fits your lifestyle, personality, and your goal.

› When it comes to lifestyle, it is all about your schedule, productivity, and how much help you have. All of these things must be taken into consideration. Imagine being a one-person show trying to do the graphics, the emails, the sales pages, and writing everything. It becomes a lot. It is very important to choose a strategy that won’t disrupt your lifestyle by causing chaos.

› When it comes to personality, let me give you an example. You may not be a person who likes having the spotlight. You may be an introvert and in this case, you may not like doing live streams or anything like that. If that’s the case you may not want to pick a strategy that’ll cause you to be in the limelight majority of the time.

› Now when having a set goal you definitely want to pick a correlating strategy. Let’s say your goal for 2021 is to be able to grow your list. You’d want to make sure you choose a strategy that’s going to help you do that in the quickest way possible. 

Are you starting to see the trend? The trend is basically that there are going to always be strategies for you to learn, and that is going to help you with growing your audience, but it’s your job as the business owner to make a choice with one of them and make it work for you.

I want to put one out there that may work for you. It’s all about challenges. Why may doing a challenge be important for your business?

If you’re struggling to grow your audience, this is going to be great for you. If you’re constantly seeing the same people show up your live stream, watching your reruns, commenting on your posts, etc, then it’s time that you start growing that audience.

Always remember if your audience isn’t growing, then your business isn’t growing. That doesn’t mean that you cannot reach your profit goals with a small audience, but as a business owner, you should always be looking to grow.

Every day, the three most important things that you should do as a business owner are, attract, nurture, and sell.

You should be attracting new people to your business and nurturing relationships with those people, so you can ultimately convert qualified people from that group into your program services or products. Those are the three things that you should be doing, but how can you attract people if you’re not creating things that make them gravitate toward you?

That’s what this challenge is.

The three most important things that you should do as a business owner are, attract, nurture, and sell.

Every month you should want to have a traffic jam within your company. What is a traffic jam?

We should all know what traffic is. When that traffic comes and you can’t move, you can’t go wide as a whole bunch of people come in. Well, that’s what you need to create in your business.

Every month you need to create traffic, bringing people to you. This is what your challenge does. It creates traffic. It brings people into your business.

So again, what is the challenge? An online event that brings a group of people together to work on a common goal. That common goal could be anything. Maybe you’re a health coach and you help people lose weight. Well, a group of people will come together because all of them want to do the same thing, lose weight. People come together for one common goal because they all want to learn. You are their leader and teacher, that’s going to teach and help them through that process. That is what a challenge is.


Here are three steps to follow when creating the challenge.

› When creating a challenge keep in mind, everything starts with the offer. When doing a challenge you want to build buzz around it and building the buzz will ultimately get you sales. This buzz stems from the offer. Examples of offers include one-on-one coaching, a course, group coaching, a workshop, a live event, or an actual physical product. Challenges are great for selling anything, you just have to start with the offer.

› Next, you want to take a tiny piece of that offer and come up with the topic for your challenge.

› Once you come up with your topics, I want you to validate it with your audience. Go to your audience and ask them if “I was to do a challenge about this, this or this, which one would interest you?” You want to validate the topic and you want to get a good bit of people who say yes to that topic.


So we come up with our offer, topic, we validate it, and then we want to choose our dates for our challenge. These are the logistics and I’m giving it to you in the order of how you’re going to implement this, so you could get it done quickly. Once you choose your date, now it’s time to get it to the tech. Your next step is to create the different tech pieces that you need for your challenge.

The first thing that you’re going to need is a sign-up page. It’s where people can go find out more information about the challenge and sign up for it.

The next thing you need is a thank you page. Use your thank you page to get people in and show gratitude once they’re in.

The third thing you need is a Facebook group. Invite people to join the group so that they can sign up.

The last thing you need is some emails. You only need to write one email, which will be the welcome email, and you’ll send this on day two.

Once you finish that, you can actually start marketing your challenge.

So you have your signup page, thank you page, welcome email, and your Facebook group. Then you can put it out to the world, and start marketing it and telling people to join the challenge. While people are signing up for your challenge, that’s when you’re going to do the next step which is: outlining your challenge. Your challenge can be anywhere from three to seven days. Let’s pick with a three-day challenge. All you’re doing to outline is you’re saying on day one, “I’m going to teach them this, and this is going to be their action.”

You’re doing this because when people come into challenges, they’re coming in because they want to accomplish the common goal, or they have something that they all want to learn. That means everything that you put out there needs to be teaching them how to get a step closer to that. So you want to outline your challenge and all you need is the lessons and the action steps.

The last step is for you to duplicate and automate. The strategy needs to be powerful to do so. By doing the same challenge, it’s always growing, it brings new people in the audience, new leads, new prospects, new clients, etc. So this is something that you can do over and over again, this is also something that you can automate. Once it’s automated people can sign up for it anytime, and it brings new people onto our calendar.

Again, if you’re looking for a marketing strategy consider your lifestyle, personality, and your goal. Once you consider all three of these things I want you to decide if doing challenges is the correct strategy for you.

Bonus Tips

Bonus tip number one, When you do a challenge, you always want to let people know about your offer from a jump.

Bonus tip number two, make sure you’re always letting people know that whatever you’re teaching is just a tiny piece of the bigger picture.


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