The #1 reason why Coaches Struggle to Get Consistent Leads & Sales

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Today I’m going to give you this one small tweak that will, no matter what marketing strategy you are using, increase your visibility, expand your reach, and get you in front of more people.

What I find is that a lot of people don’t put their focus on is the number one thing that any business needs to thrive, which is traffic. Being able to get in front of more people so you can generate more leads and generate more sales. Before I get into that, let me explain the importance of leads.

Leads are the lifeline for your business. Without getting leads, it's going to be hard for you to start scaling.

There are people who will see your advertisements, who would see your social media posting, would see your videos, your live stream, and they’ll click and they’ll go ahead and buy. But a lot of people need to be able to cultivate a relationship with you. They need to be able to get their questions answered. They need to be sure that you are the right person for them. That takes time and so that’s the reason why generating leads is really the most important thing that you should be focused on.

Today with the Coronavirus, I see a lot of people doing offline marketing and they’re not focused on generating leads. I can’t tell you how many people I speak to where it’s like you go to networking events, you get business cards, but you never follow up with those people. You go out, you speak, but you forget that you need to be able to generate leads. So you’re not putting things in place to be able to generate these leads, and this is the most important thing in your business.

Not generating leads is the number one mistake that you're making. There are many different forms of marketing used to generate leads.

A lot of service professionals focus on word of mouth, and they focus on referral marketing.

While this is great, it’s not the only way that you can get leads and sales coming into your business.

The next one is social media marketing. So Instagram, Facebook, you know, Ted Talk. Another one that a lot of people do is podcasting. Having a podcast gives you the ability to generate leads, and get in front of new people.

A common mistake is consistency. I see a lot of you not taking the time to simplify your marketing. You’re doing a lot, but you’re not getting a lot of results from what you’re doing. This one small tweak is going to help you simplify things while expanding your reach and getting in front of more people.

It’s called BOPA. What that stands for is Borrowing Other People’s Audiences.

Borrow other people’s audiences, instead of spending all of your time doing videos. You will start to implement maybe going and doing lives in other people’s Facebook groups. Maybe if you are on Instagram doing the swap, you could do the Instagram takeover and you could go live from someone else’s page.

My BOPA strategy that I’m telling you about can get you going from an audience of 10 people listening to you, to thousands of people listening to you. Again if what you guys are doing is not working, you could implement this one tweak and you’re going to realize that you can reach the results that you’re looking for a lot faster.

That’s just one example of lives. You can use BOPA with podcasts, or any one of your marketing strategies.

When you do these BOPAs, what happens now is, you can measure. You can measure how many people were in the Facebook group you went in, and you can start to really see data. What I’m sharing with you is like organic data versus paid advertising data.

It’s like using this BOPA strategy to be able to get in front of more people but to also test your messaging, test your funnel, test your emails, test all the things that you have before implementing paid advertising.

Attraction marketing, for those of you who don’t know, it’s pretty much just putting out posts, putting out pieces of your life, asking questions, putting things out to, instill curiosity to get people to respond, to get people to say, “wow, if she’s doing that, I can do it too.” It’s like attracting people through what you put out.

Attraction marketing is good, but now you can apply BOPA.

This is how you could apply Boba when attraction marketing instead of just doing it on your personal page. You can do it in other people’s groups, in other people’s communities, you can reach out to 10 of the closest people you know, that are in business that are on your page and ask them to share it on theirs.

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