How To Confidently Step Into “Premium Positioning”

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Say you’re in a position where you’re not getting enough clients. You’re not being paid what you’re worth, and because of that, it has taken you longer to reach profit goals.

You may want to change the world, but the reality is that if you’re not making the income, you’re not able to do that.

That reality is needed. In order for you to reach your profit goals, you have to be able to position yourself to make the type of money that you need. 

Right now, you may not be in that position. If you’re not in that position right now, you may fall into one of the two categories:


1. Lack of a Foundation 

2. Lack of a System


With the right foundation and the right system backing you, profits are inevitable. 

Right now I won’t dig into the system part, but we are talking about positioning which is a part of your foundation, so this will be about your foundation. 

The definition of premium is : a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually is expected. What that really means is that your product or your service is perceived as a higher value than to be expected.


So that means that if you are not charging what you’re worth and you are trying to get cheaper because you think that that’s going to bring you more people, then what you’re doing is giving the perception that your service is not valuable.

When you talk about premium, it says in” high value,” so when people hear the word premium, exclusive, or signature, what’s your perception? It gives a highly valued perception and that’s what you want.

There are many mistakes made which are the reasons why you may not be in that position. There are three things you can do to get yourself in this position which are:

1. Stop competing on price

2. Change what you’re worth

3. Be sure to have more premium and committed clients

If you want to be able to reach your business goals faster, these are the things you need to do.

I recently asked a client of mine what’s the reason why she decided to join the market your message program. Her exact words were that she felt like number one, her message was falling on deaf ears. And number two, the people that did join her program were not committed. They’d make that first payment but when it was time to make that second payment, they started to drop off. They were not committed clients. So if you want to work with more committed clients, if you want to be able to reach your business goals faster, then you want to step into premium positioning. 

So here’s the first mistake that people are making you automatically go for the lower price.

When you are creating your coaching programs or you’re packaging a new service, you automatically go for the lower price.

People are going to be making a decision based on price instead of based on value, or the results that you bring as a coach.

This is not the position that you want to be in.

You don’t want to automatically just go with lower prices if you know that you’re an expert. If you know that you put in the time and the investment to get education, to be able to do what you do, stand by that.

The second mistake that you may be making is you’re focusing on being better instead of being different.

Stop focussing on being better. Focus on being different. #MarketYourMessage

People have this thing where they have to be better instead of focusing on how to differentiate themselves.

The focus should be on how to be different. For example, focusing on having the best pictures, or making sure their brand looks expensive. There are a lot of people who have crap-looking brands but they make a whole lot of money. Some of you are going to have to shift your mindset because you actually think that paying attention to how the brand looks is the most important thing. Instead, you should pay attention to how to make your services more valuable. And, differentiating yourself from other people, your focus should always be, being different, not being better.

So what are the six places where you need to focus so you can step into premium positioning?

  1. Sell the experience. Sell the experience, not the service. A lot of times as service professionals we focus on what we can do and what we can teach, but most people buy the experience.

  2. Get very clear on who your ideal client is. So I am not saying that if you are not stepping into premium positioning, that means that you are not going to be able to make money as a coach because you gotta be clear on who your ideal client is. Before you waste time to create services, package offers and create challenges just for it all to fall on deaf ears, be clear. You have to be very clear on who that ideal client is because you can’t create for them, you can’t crack, can’t reposition yourself to speak to them if you don’t know who they are.

  3. Focus on your clients’ emotions. Focus on the emotions and not the features. First, we said focus on the experience and not the service. Same thing here, focus on the emotion and not the feature. Here’s what I mean by that people really buy through emotions, but what we do wrong is we focused on features. As coaches, we focus on how many calls we’re going to get in the package, how many modules we’re going to get in the course, how many bonuses we’re going to get with our orders. However, that’s not necessarily what makes people buy. When you’re selling your service and you’re getting on these strategy sessions, people want to solve their problem. People want what comes from the result, not necessarily the result. That’s logic. You need to know this because if you don’t know why people buy, how can you position your products, your services, your marketing to get people to take action. Therefore it’s really important that you understand and the emotional triggers as to why people buy your service.

  4. Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Remember I said above one of the biggest mistakes that some of you guys are making is focusing on being better, instead of focusing on being different. How do you be different? By becoming an authority, by creating your own processes, by growing and taking leadership in your own communities by being consistent with the problem that you saw, being consistent with the person that you help. These are some of the ways that you do that.

  5. Understand what makes people buy. What I said above is that most people buy through emotion, so if you continue to focus on yourself, that’s the reason why they’re not seeing you as a premium and they’re not buying.

  6. There are two main emotional triggers:

  1. People buy because they want to portray an image, they want people to see them in a certain way or they want to feel a certain way 

  2. People buy to fit into the community or a particular crowd

These are the main two but, the emotions that drive people to drive are different.

they don’t care about your calls, they don’t care about your training sessions, they don’t care about your downloads. They care about what they’re going to get, and the emotion behind why they are buying. 

Here’s my last one, make sure that your goals aligned with your price. If you’re selling a $200 product to make $10,000 that means that you really got to focus on more traffic, and growing a bigger community. You’ve got a lot of work to do, but if you create a premium signature service with the price aligning, you could literally get one or two clients and make $10,000 so you can’t say, “well, these are my goals, but the prices don’t align, don’t match.” Are you a coach that provides a signature service, that provides a transformational experience? If that is you, then your price has to align. If it doesn’t, that’s the reason why you are perceived the way you are. 

When you have the lower price, that’s what you’re attracting, so make sure that your goals and your price aligns. 


Those are the six things that you could do right now to step into premium positioning. 


If you are someone who wants help with this, I am the person to help you. I’m the coach that helps you put together signatures, services, bind your message, differentiate yourself. I’m stepping into premium positioning and authority. We do that by first helping you lay down the solid foundation and then helping you implement a system. 

If you’re someone who’s ready for that, then I’m going to go ahead and leave my link below so you guys can book an appointment. 

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