How to Eliminate Client Objections

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How to Eliminate Client Objections

As coaches, there are two places where you can eliminate objections.

  1. Number one, you can eliminate objections before the call

  2. And number two, you can eliminate objections on the call

Now, of course, you could do eliminations when we talk about follow-up sales, emails, and all of that, but I’m not getting into that right now. At the moment we’re talking about what happens before and what happens. Before the call and on the call you need to master knowing how to eliminate objections.

What happens to a lot of coaches is that when they get objections, they run away from it. They’ll say, “well, this person doesn’t have money, so I’m gonna just let it go. This person seems like she’s dodging me so I’m just gonna let it go.” That’s not how you want to handle it because as a coach, it’s your job to help your clients get over whatever stumbling blocks or hindrances they have.

A lot of people run away from this because the truth is nobody likes rejection. Even though we don’t like rejection we have to know how to embrace and handle that. You’re going to be hearing no all the time, and possibly be ignored and so on. You are just going to have to get used to handling the no’s. Running away from now is a non negotiable.

So what are objections? They are signals that customers are interested but you’re not yet ready to buy. The most common objections are due to clients being interested but there’s just something blocking them from buying.

Let’s use a coaching call for example:

People are getting on this call because they are interested in it. They’re telling you that they can’t join because of the money. It’s either a, they really just don’t have it, which is not common. Or B, they haven’t heard what they needed to hear. This is why they say the objections are a single that a customer’s interested in, but they’re not ready to buy. They have some type of question, they haven’t heard something they need to hear, you haven’t answered something that’s lingering in their head or you haven’t discovered what they’re thinking so you can help them through it.

Here’s a couple of questions, two questions. Number one, how often do you lose the client because of the price? Objection! Number two, how often do you lower your price to get the client see it? Objection!

Here’s why I’m asking you these questions. Most coaches are getting the price objection one to five times per month. With most coaches, the first thing they do when they get that price objection is they falter on their prices, because they think this is what’s going to get the client to say yes. This is the problem that we’re solving today. You guys provide valuable services and if you don’t see it as value and charge accordingly, then other people will not see it as vauluable.

If you eliminate objections before the call, you'll get less objections on the call. #MarketYourMessage

Now let’s talk about how to eliminate.

  1. Number one, you have to make a list of the common objections. Not just what you hear the most, but what are the common objections that you hear from your ideal clients in your industry Every industry hears different objections, price, time, husband, those are the normal ones that all industries hear, but there are objections that each industry hears.

  2. Number two, do market research. If you can’t come up with a list, then that means you’re probably not getting a lot of calls yet. That means you need to figure out what are the objections that people have to your service.

    Here’s a bonus tip for you. If you’re not recording your calls and you’re looking to increase your clientele, your profitability, growing your service-based business, and you’re not recording your calls, that is a problem because you need to be able to listen to your calls so you can get better at your calls. You also need to be able to listen to your call because your calls are the best research. Understand that when someone books an appointment to get a consultation or strategy session, they are most likely ideal clients. Even if they don’t join you, everything that they tell you in terms of what they’re struggling with, what made them get on the call with you today, is research. So if you’re not recording your call bonus tips, please start recording your calls today.

  3. Number three, make sure you build awareness, rappart, and most importantly a connection with your clients. They have to be able to resonate with you so they can keep listening to you. These are all the purposes that your content serves.

  4. Number four, your content builds credibility. When you’re teaching people, giving statistics, and creating trainings on a particular subject matter, you start to build credibility.

Most importantly, your content should also eliminate objections. So this is how to eliminate objections in your content.

Next, you need to eliminate objections in your emails. Within the emails that you send out, you can answer objections before a person ever booked a call with you. Once you learn how to do that, you will eliminate the objections that you get on your call.

You can also eliminate objections through posts. Let me give you an example of a post:

“Hey, I’m Nyala, and since 2012 I’ve been helping coaches market their unique message so they can consistently sign high paying clients without having a huge audience, without paid advertising, without falling victims of social media slavery. This even works if you’re new. Now I’ve created a case study that will tell you exactly how to accomplish this step by step. And I want to share it with you today and I have the link, and guess what? It’s absolutely free. Now you’re probably wondering, number one, why is this free if this is the answer And number two, after all the people I’ve listened to, why on earth should I listen to you? Well, here it goes, I’m giving this to you for free because if you run with it and see results, I mean even get some clarity, I’d be happy. And when you’re ready, if you qualify, you may end up being a client or even referring someone to me. Also hear this, I’m okay. I already got the info and work with ideal clients who can pay me, do the work and get results. So at this point I’m trying to steer you in the right direction because I’m tired of seeing coaches invested in programs. They’re not ready for losing their life savings for dreams while struggling and thinking they’re not good enough because they can’t live up to the internet. If you want to continue faking it until you make it, by all means go ahead. But if you want a simplified way to reach consistent five figure months with ease, join me”

Do you see how objections can be answered in a simple post?

Here’s where I answer some of some objections like, without having a huge audience, without paid advertising, without falling victim to social media slavery. And this works even if you’re new.

That is how you can limit the objections before speaking. There will always be skepticism, but these are the limits that you can use before the call.

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