How To Write Emails That Sell

Your list is your most valuable asset. It is the lifeline of your business.

Last year I could think of three times the internet shut down. Nobody was able to see or post on Facebook, everything was shut down. Due to that there were a lot of people who missed out on sales, and that showed how everyone had their eggs in one basket. That basket would be hoping and wishing that you get sales from your posts on social media. 

This is not where you want to be spending your valuable time. Your email list is your database, it is the list of people who have said yes. They want to hear more from you and about what you can provide. 

Let’s say you have about 5,000 followers on all your social media platforms. What you need to know is that all of those people are not going to buy from you. As the business owner, it is your job to get the people who need you in that 5,000 to raise their hands and say, yes. A way to do that is to generate leads by lead generation. 

Here’s a quick example,

Giving away a free gift and asking them to sign up for it and in return. Once you get their email address, continue to communicate with them.

That’s what lead generation is. Ask for their email, and once you get it keep sending emails and information so they can connect with the brand.

If you want to consistently grow your revenue you’re going to have to put time on list building.

Here are my four hot fire tips that’ll help you do that.

  1. Everything starts with the conversation., so you want to write your emails as if you’re speaking to a friend. You should always dictate your emails so that they resemble your personality. The personal emails usually resonate with people the most, and those are the ones that get responses. A bonus tip is to use names in emails (when you’re asking people for their info, don’t only ask for their email, ask for their first name too, because that can help personalize your emails.) Subject lines are also the first thing people see, so make sure it’s an attention grabber. 


  1. Once the subject line gets them to open the email, you need to connect with them and identify whatever problem they may be having that you can solve. There’s many ways to do that and one example is to share your stories. For example, you could say something like “10 years ago I was struggling to generate leads until I found the way! The way is to…” And just like that they’ll keep reading.


  1. Always remember, stories are your friends. Stories are all around you, and they are one of the many things that people will reply to. It’ll cause a conversation and in that way, you will be able to get clients, group members, or whatever it is that you’re looking for. When you are genuine and you actually show interest in what they’re saying, you’ll get clients.


  1. Always give a call to action. This one is important because when you are nurturing a lead, or a list of this is your people they are your people to lead. You want them to take action when you give them an action to take. This is a psychological thing. When you’re stepping into leadership, or influencer-ship, it means you’re influencing people’s decisions. For this you have to learn how to give direction. The only thing you’ll learn is by continuously giving an action. Your call to action may be, “join the group call, make sure you download this, join me live, click here for more info,” whatever it is, each email should have a call to action. (That does not mean EVERY EMAIL) Don’t fall into the trap of just always educating, but never making any money. When you give these calls and people start listening to you that’s how you start to build those loyal fans. That’s how you start to build that buyers list.


To reiterate for a quick second, be sure to be personal and dictate your emails. 


Remember that the conversation starts with the subject line, and continues within the email, so open up and tell stories. 

And lastly, always give a call to action so you can continue to position yourself as an authority and someone who’s there to help your people.

If you want to consistently grow your revenue you're going to have to put time on list building.

If you're stuck with not knowing what to write, use our plug n play email templates.

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