If you think creating an eCourse takes way too much time and energy that you don’t have, think again. Most of the courses that you’ve either seen or purchased were created in ONE day!

For a smart and savvy business owner like you, creating a course is just a matter of putting all the pieces together. If you’ve been in business for more than a couple of weeks, you’re already ready with everything necessary to create a bomb e-course and launch it by this time tomorrow.

Use Your Strengths

If you’re thinking of researching new strategies, testing new ideas and developing a completely new (to you) eCourse, then you’ll be here for a while. What you could do instead, is embrace a tried and true development strategy that’s been proven to work:

Write what you know.

When you’ve been doing something – especially something you’re good at and passionate about – it’s easy to talk about. You already do it every day by answering e-mails, writing blog posts, chatting on the phone with clients. You probably also read, watch videos, and listen to podcasts about your podcasts because you need to keep learning every day. All of these things that you already do will help you whip out a new course out of thin air!

Repurpose Your Content

Did you know that you already have the content you need for your course? You can draw your content from either your blog or email list and even other courses you may have already created. I recommend you sort through past blog posts and emails for gems you can polish and repurpose. You can look for modules and elements that could work with your new course in past courses. Reformat and update the information t match your new design to add value to your next offering and BAM! You’ve got your course!

You’re probably worried about repurposing because you’re afraid that it’s been seen before. But even if you create a course based only on your blog content, people will happily pay for a step-by-step plan even if they can find the free information elsewhere. The convenience of having a proven plan that’s already been organized for them is what draws them in,


Fill in the Blanks with Rebrandable Content

If there are obvious holes in your content, you can easily fill them in with re-brandable content. Inexpensive, well-written private label content on nearly any subject can be found easily. The best part is that you can easily find a variety of formats like video, software, slide decks, and graphics.

These can all be used to create a well-rounded and valuable course with little effort on your part. These can all be used to create a well-rounded and valuable course with little effort on your part. Click here to learn more about Private Label Content.

Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit

I know this all sounds too good to be true and it kind of is. An eCourse you’ve created in a single day will NOT be an all-inclusive multi-media filled epic offering. You should instead aim for a low=cost intro course that will sit near the top of your funnel. You can always expand it in the future with more repurposing but for now, the main goal is to get it finished and launched.