My Client Onboarding Process

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This is my onboarding process but from what you read, you will find enough value to be able to take what I share with you today and customize your own onboarding process.

Many coaches and service professionals focus on is getting more clients and making more money, but once they get the client they forget to focus on what happens after.

It is very important to focus on how you onboard new customers and clients in your business. Whether you sell coaching services, digital products or anything else onboarding has to happen.

This onboarding process will lead to you consistently signing high-paying clients. Let’s talk about why having an onboarding process is important.

Better communication: Think about when you make high-end purchases. You’ve invested a lot of money to work with whomever, so you expect to be able to communicate with the team or the coach that you hired your mentor.

Better positioning, in terms of professionalism: A lot of companies have failed because of bad customer service, especially in this online world, people get unhappy with a particular business and they go online and talk about it which destroys a company’s reputation. You need to be thinking about your customer service, professionalism and how it looks to a person buying your products, programs or services.

Less customer service requests: If a person joins your program and they don’t know how to obtain the content, get on the calls, find their coaching agreement, etc, guess what happens? They start to write customer service. This is where having a team comes in because you’re paying them to take care of these requests.

– Less chargebacks : Charge backs are when people ask for refunds. You shouldn’t want people asking for refunds, instead you should want people to love working with you.

This is why you have an onboarding process in place, because overall it equates to happier clients and lays down a solid foundation.

So what is this onboarding process? I’m going to give you two tips and then I’m going to go through exactly what I do in my back office.

  1. Templatize your repeatable aspects of your business
    Bringing in new clients is what I call a repeatable process because it’s something that you do all the time. You should always be trying to figure out how you can create repeatable templates. Ask yourself questions like,
    “How can I repeat this process,so that I’m not spending my time doing the same thing every week?”         

This will help you get into the mindset of paying attention to all the actions that you take in your business. Pay attention to those actions that are repeatable and think about how you can templatize it.

2. Use Trello (Assana, or other management softwares that you know of).

This tip goes to those working with a VA (Virtual Assistant, or a team. One of the things that we do in our back office is we use Trello. We use trello as our project management software. When we log into Trello and open the calendar, we can see what our content topics are for each month, and what our money marketing Monday topics are going to be for each week throughout the entire year.

In the cards itself, we have something that we call a workflow. In the individual cards themselves we have checklists and everyone is assigned to specific tasks. This is a huge help when it comes to keeping everyone up to date and letting everyone know the expectations. These are repeatable assignments that my team does every single week, so when you templatize things make sure you use the right tools like Trello. This is what it takes to grow a successful service-based business, and position yourself.

Now let’s talk about my onboarding process. Before you actually get the client, focus on touch points.

In marketing, in order to get someone to buy you have to touch a point for someone at least seven times. That’s why you should show up everyday and be consistent, because the more people see you, you stay on top of their mind. Now when they’re ready to invest to fix the problem that they have, they are going to think of you first. So the touch points are important to implement into your onboarding process.

For example, say someone wants to join your very expensive program but they don’t have the money. Instead of paying in full they choose to do a payment plan, but they still worry everyday wondering if they made the right decision. If you touch the points paying customers are looking for, they’d never worry because deep down they’ll know they made the right decision. This is the reason why not only do you want touch points in your marketing, but you want touch points in your onboarding.

Here are my set of touch points:

The first touch point I do is a welcome video. I use an app on my phone and make a unique video. I open the app and I’ll say, “Hey (persons name), oh my goodness! I’m so excited that you joined the Market Your Message Program. I cannot wait to get started with you, make sure that you check your email because your onboarding package is going to be on its way.” Now obviously I might change it up because it’s not something that I have a script for. I try to remain personable to my clients. 

The second touch point is a welcome email (make it short and simple). Welcoming people to your program will help you retain customers. People focus on getting clients instead of focusing on how to get the clients they already have to stay, and keep paying.

The third touch point is having a welcome gift. I know that when I got my first welcome gift it made me feel good enough to say to myself that no matter what, when a person joins my program I want them to feel like that too. You should want every last person that joins you on your business journey to feel that way.

You have to have an onboarding process in place, because overall it equates to happier clients and lays down a solid foundation.

Those are the welcoming touchpoints, let’s move onto the ground laying touch points:

In my program I have a welcome module, where I have my customer service email. This tells clients where to book their monthly appointments, and how to reach me. I also give my high-end clients, my cell phone numbers.

My next touch point is inviting them to a private Facebook group. That’s the community part of my program. If you have a private Facebook group for your clients, make sure that you’re telling them how to become a member and you know what they’re able to do in there. Whether they’re able to ask their questions, they’re able to go live.

The next touch point, your meeting and call schedule. Let’s say you have 3 accountability calls a week. You should have emails being sent out to your clients saying, “Hey, this is our call schedule. This is the link and we’ll be meeting at ___ o’clock.”

You need these touch points that you want in your onboarding session, because if you do this you’ll experience less customer service requests, chargebacks, etc. It’s a huge benefit for your business to have this type of stuff laid out. And if you templatize it, because it’s something that you do repeatedly, you will not have to be overworking.

If you haven’t noticed I choose personal touch points. Personability is a value that my company stands on, and depending on your company’s values your touch points may be different. As I said it’s your preference, but I wanted to give you enough information so that you could customize your onboarding process.

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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