How to Grow Your Audience using Facebook Groups

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I'm going to give you 10 of my hot tips that'll help you with growing your audience from being in Facebook groups.

  1. Make sure you are in groups where your ideal clients are hanging out.

    Let’s say you’re a health coach and you decide to join groups that have a lot of women because you want to work with women. You’d think you’re doing great because surrounding yourself with other women means you’re around your target market. But guess what? That doesn’t mean that you are around your target market. It actually makes it harder for you to find your target market in these groups because they’re not looking for you.

    There’s a big difference between an audience and a hungry audience.

    If you want to make more conversions, get more clients, or make your job easier it’s better for you to put yourself in front of a hungry audience. So again, let’s say you’re a health coach and your specialty is veganism. Then you might want to be in a group that’s for first time vegans (beginners). You’ll automatically know that the people in this group are people who are either thinking about becoming a vegan or they’re new at being a vegan. That tells you that they’re looking for help, recipes, advice, and anything else they’re hungry for, and that’s where what you provide comes in.

    You’ll get way more traction if you go inside of a group that relates to your niche, and is targeted with people who you are looking for.

  2. Understand the difference between being a lurker and being a member of a group.

    While lurkers may come into the group and like/love things that may help with engagement, they’re not commenting, buying, showing up on the live streams and challenges, they’re simply not taking action.

    That’s not what you want. You want actual members that engage in every post, show up for the events you have going on, buy the products you’re selling, etc. This is also vice versa. You, as a member, have to become what you want to attract. If you want to attract people who are going to come and engage in your group, you’re going to have to do that as well.

  3. Become a valued member.

    There is a big difference between showing up once a week to put your Facebook group in someone’s group, versus you becoming noticeable. You become noticeable by being a member who joins conversations and engaging in the group.

    For example, if you are the person that’s coming into a group every day, leaving an empowering quote for the members of the group, you will start becoming noticeable. The people that see these quotes and are affected by them will want to know more about you.

    If you position yourself where you can become noticeable, you’re going to see more traction than just showing up to post your link. This is really important because the owners of these groups can give you the opportunity to come and talk about your services and you may get more results that way. In order for that to happen, you have to become a valued member.

  4. Do NOT spam or sell.

    While there are groups that allow you to promote, groups that allow you to promote all the time aren’t always the most valuable because everybody is coming in there to promote their services. No one is coming in there to learn or shop. Now you have a group filled with people who just promo, promo, and then there’s not a community. It’s just a bunch of spam. Nobody wants to be in those types of groups, people want to become a part of communities.

    That means that you, as a member of a community, need to help your host and your leader create that atmosphere. Doing that helps you become more noticeable to the host. And again being noticeable is important because the host is inclined to say yes to anything you ask for, rather than any other regular member.

  5. Give and ye shall receive.


    If you become a part of a community where you are giving, you will grow your audience and get leads. You should look at Facebook communities as a bunch of people coming together because they want to accomplish the same thing, learn the same thing, or because they have the same beliefs. When you become a part of a community like that, you need to be thinking about giving, not spamming or selling. This is the best mindset to have.


  6. Making conversation.


    When someone comments/ posts about the type of help they need that’s your time to shine! If you’re in the field they need help in, comment back and offer advice or your services. In that way, you can start a conversation.

    Another tip when doing things like this is, leave it for the public eye to see. A lot of people use private messaging, and while that can gain you one client, what about the other members in the group? What about the people who need the same help you’re ready to provide but they just didn’t ask the question? They cannot be drawn to you if you leave everything in private messages, but they can be drawn to your public comments.


There's a big difference between an audience and a hungry audience. You'll get way more traction if you go inside of a group that relates to your niche, and is targeted with people who you are looking for.

7. Sharing stories.

This is another thing that will attract a lot of people to you. Your story doesn’t have to be a rags to riches story. It could just be the story of your ride today to work, the story of the book that you read this morning, a piece of your message that you received from writing in your journal, etc. Get in the habit of sharing because that’s how you become noticeable.


8. Have a game plan, have a game plan.

In the backhand of every business, there should be strategies and game plans to keep track of your progress. So here are three things to pay attention to when you join and engage in groups.

  • keeping it limited to three to five groups
  • having a game plan
  • reviewing our results

Don’t just do things radically because if you can’t measure, you can’t grow. And in order to measure you need a game plan.


9. Make sure you have a lead magnet.

You need to have some type of free gift because when you are marketing yourself in these Facebook groups, that’s what you should be giving away.

People buy from who they know. That means that if you are not positioning yourself as a member who gives value, makes conversation, shares stories, etc then people don’t know or trust you.

That’s why you should focus on posting free gifts. They’re a lead magnet that can be valuable and that can help solve a problem. That way you can get leads and you can start to nurture rapport and build relationships.

10. Offering free consultations.

If you are not well known and you go into groups posting long posts and then telling people to book an appointment with you is not going to work. Again because, people need to know, like, and trust you. You really have to focus on solving problems and giving value. 

These tips should position you in the Facebook groups that you are presently in, and should also help grow your audience.

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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