My #1 Strategy For Getting 1-3 Premium Clients in the next 30 days!

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If you are new to the coaching and consulting industry, this is going to be a good strategy for you to use because when trying to get your first set of clients this is something that you should pay attention to. As well as if you are bettering yourself with your coaching and consulting this strategy will be the fastest and easiest way for you to do that.

Here’s what's important in order for this strategy to work. There are two things that you need to know.

  1. The importance of the title.
    The title of this article is My Number One Strategy for getting One to Three Premium Clients in the next 30 days. What’s important about what was said there? Premium clients. That was an attention grabber for whoever’s reading.

    In order for that to work, you have to follow through and follow up.

    Let me tell you what I mean by that. If you’re new and you don’t really have an audience yet or you haven’t worked with anyone yet, nobody is checking for that title. If that’s the instance then it may take you to 30 days to actually work. So you need to do the work and follow-through.

    But if you’re someone who’s already been in the game, you have a Facebook group, you have an email list, you’ve worked with clients before, you’ve done live events before, then for you, this can happen in a week. So the way, the fastest way, is consultation. Getting on the phone and doing some consultations. It is the fastest easiest way to get one to three clients into your program right now.

    You need to have visibility, the lists, the part, the people that you’re going to talk to, the people who are going to buy. That’s the first thing you need.

    The second thing you need is a marketing strategy, because in order to get people, what do you have to do? You have to market.

    Then the third thing you need is a good offer. Those are the three things that you need to make money right now.

    The reason most of you aren’t making any money right now is that you’re using the wrong marketing strategy.

    If you are on social media every day hoping that people will respond to your social media posts and book an appointment, and you think you’re just going to get 30 consultations like your calendar and the next two weeks, putting out a social media post is not going to happen. What you need is to be more intentional and that’s what this strategy is.

    Remember, this strategy is not long-term, it’s just something that you need to do right now, depending on where you’re at, so you can start to bring in some money.

    First, make a list of low-hanging fruits. Where do you get this list from? The first place you want to go is your past clients. Anybody who bought from you before. You can also get it from current clients. They can refer you to people. Current clients are actually the easiest way to get clients because when they speak to someone on your behalf about your program.

    So number one, past clients. Number two, current clients cause you could get referrals. Number three, email lists, engagers. When I say email, I mean the people who are engaged, who will respond to your emails when you tell them to hit reply. Another is your Facebook group. I’m not talking about your Instagram followers.

    We’re talking about low-hanging fruit. So what’s the definition of, what does that mean Low hanging fruit. Those are people who’ve had interaction with you and your brand already. So that means there is some sort of rapport that has been built, which is why it’s easier to get them to convert because they know you already. So if you’re trying to use social media, the reason why it’s not working as quickly is that you have to build rapport. If you are, you know, setting up a simple sales funnel, maybe you created a freebie and you’re posting that online and you’re using that to get clients, people have to go through the freebie. Some people have to actually do the work, get results, join your group, follow you for a while before they’re ready to get into a high-end offer. So the reason why low-hanging fruit works is because they know you already.

    So you’re coming up with this list, with 30 people minimum, because if you get 30 consultations over the next 30 days and you speak to one person a day, then you absolutely would get three out of those 30 to join your program.

  2. Start doing direct outreach.
    This is what I call prospecting. When it comes to prospecting, 68% of consumers would rather get to hear directly from the person who they’re buying from. This is for if you have an offer of $2,500 or more. Who really wants to spend $5,000 or invest $10,000 to someone that they can’t even speak to? So 68% of people want to hear from their reps. 80% of buyers also say they’d prefer to be contacted via email customized. they don’t want bulk emails. They want to hear from you personally. These are the statistics. The easiest way to get clients is by literally just inviting people to come to your offer. Just outreaching to people. Making phone calls to existing customers is the number one most effective prospecting tactic. Here’s what you’re going to do when you reach out.

    First, you need to get a client prospecting system. Step one in this system is called the connection phase. All you’re looking to do in the connection phase is get a response. When I say get a response, I mean a response to your method. Whether you’re sending a Facebook message, whether you’re sending a text, or whether you’re sending a personal email what you want is to get them to respond. Remember we are reaching out to this low-hanging fruit list that we created.

    Step two is the qualifying phase. What you’re looking to do in this phase is see if they are open to having a conversation with you. You’re going to pick up the phone and you’re going to get on the call, just to see if they’re open.

    Once you feel them out, and they’re comfortable, then you get a commitment. That’s number three. You get a commitment where you get them on the calendar. And finally, step four, you get the appointment. These are the four steps that you want to take.

The reason most of you aren’t making any money right now is because you’re using the wrong marketing strategy.

Remember that your goal here is to get 30 consultations over the next 30 days, so you can guarantee that you get one to three premium clients into our program.

Here’s the thing, consistency in clients, meaning being able to get clients coming in every month and clients paying you every month, that takes a little bit more time.

That takes a little bit more strategy. But just to get one to three clients right now, just you to get your first set of clients, or if you just need to make some extra money, this is the strategy you need to follow through on. I guarantee you that if you make that list of 30 by the end of today and you start reaching out to those people and getting those consultations, then in the next 30 days you will have one to three clients.

If you are a coach or service professional who wants to accelerate your results, you want to structure your business and you want to be able to create the things that you’ve read about today, that signature process, the stories, the things that you need to be able to consistently attract and sign high paying clients.

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